Internet Marketing has grown so huge today and I wonder what 2012 has in store? I am amazed at the opportunities and possibilities available to anyone online.

Right now, I am writing from my home town in Awka, Anambra state and by the time I hit publish, what I have to say goes out to the whole world. Isn’t this fascinating?

Why do I love Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing

The simple reason can be found on the image above. CFAgbata is reaching thousands, if not millions without spending heavily on advertisements 🙂

Use of the Internet is now becoming widely popular amongst small business enterprise (SME) owners that usually don’t bother about I.T. If you ask me, I would say that Internet Marketing has toppled all other marketing trends so far.

Note: Internet Marketing is also known as Web Marketing, Online Marketing or E-marketing.

There are so many Internet Marketing strategies which can be implemented either individually or in combination, and they can help take your small business to the next level.

Note: You cannot implement these Internet Marketing strategies without having your own website or blog. Not just any website but an SEO friendly website that is managed by an experienced website consultant or SEO company.

As an experienced Internet Marketing

Coach, I can tell you for sure that the below strategies will work if you implement them consistently. Remember, the websites and blogs online are nearing the 1 billion mark which simply means more competition – so be consistent.

4 Internet Marketing Strategies I recommend

1. Do more SEO

Are you currently doing SEO?

Without SEO your internet marketing hopes will be dashed big time especially if you don’t have a big budget for PPC i.e. Google adwords or Facebook ads, so I recommend that you learn basic SEO (use the search button on the sidebar to search for SEO related topics).

SEO is rather difficult and time consuming so I suggest you outsource it so you can focus on your core. SEO Optimization Services entail a daily implementation of one or more online or offline strategies.

Let me say this again, I prefer SEO over PPC because of its long term benefits.

2. Give out Freebies on your website

This is one of the best strategies that works not only in Internet Marketing but also in general offline marketing. Gifts can come in the form of audio clips, PDF Files, newsletters, free coupons, free tickets etc.

To make this beneficial to you, you can set up an email sign up option which would help in expanding your existing list of potential clients.

For example, CFAgbata is reaching thousands, if not millions without spending heavily on advertisements.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Social Network Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Tagged etc. are key components of a well designed Internet Marketing plan.

It is important to engage the services of a website consultant with Social Media Optimization services. I suggest that every small business owner takes a Social Media For Business course like the one we are currently working on.

Social Media has become a major factor in both SEO or Internet Marketing, today, SERP results are heavily influenced by the social media influence of the website.

4. Email is still powerful.

I have often heard the argument that social media will kill email. I disagree with this assertion, I believe that emails will be here for a long long time. On the other hand, I think that mails will be accessed differently in future i.e. probably through a chip embeded into our bodies 🙂

I suggest you should use emails more frequently this year. You can even automate your email procedures like I have done, if you are confused how to ge started then I suggest you sign up for my Free course on setting up autoresponders.

These are some of the Small Business Marketing Solutions that I use and my belief is that you can achieve greater results if you innovate while implementing these Internet Marketing strategies.

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