Nothing you do this coming year would be more important than your own happiness.


You may have decided to manage your budget better, spend some time on the treadmill or you may even be trying to eat more vegetables. While you are pondering New Year’s resolutions, may I suggest one?

Focus on happiness, especially as you are pursuing your success.

Put the extra effort to make sure your success, goals or dream are built on a foundation of happiness. Save yourself the pain of putting out the effort to accomplish your goals only to find out you left Happiness behind.

To be absolutely sure of your strategy and to enhance your chances of Success and Happiness in 2012, then join us on a global conference call.

Details of the Happiness Conference Call are as follows;

Date: January 5th, 2012
Time: 4 – 5:15pm pacific time
Venue: Skype from the comfort of your home or office.
Registration: Free. Simply register by visiting the Happiness Conference website.

Edwin Edebiri, Founder, I am Happy Project (and Author, 10 Ways to be Happy) will interview four of the top thought leaders in the field of happiness.

The Leaders to be interviewed include:

1. Marci Shimoff the Author of Happy for no reason and Love for no reason
2. Dr. Bob Nozik of Happy 4 life
3. Dr. Brenda Wade, internationally acclaimed psychologist and
4. The “Happiest Man in the World” Dr. James W. Jackson.

Happiness Conference will cover;

* How to boost your plans with happiness
* Learn a simple method to discover whether you are leaving happiness behind
* How to remove all the contingencies from your happiness
* How to build your plans on a foundation of happiness
* Some very simple and yet powerful happiness exercises
* How you can be happy for no reason

Feel Free to join us via Skype; you will receive all the details after you register here.

Make the New Year a truly HAPPY one for you and yours 🙂

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