My life is a testimony of what great lessons can do if applied. One luxury entrepreneurship affords me is doing things I love to do, when I want to do them, that’s why I can easily create time out of my extremely busy schedule to share some great lessons with my numerous friends and partners who have come to trust me.

In case you did not know I was one of the speakers at the 2011 SME Toolkit Nigeria Conference at Terra Kulture,  which was indeed a thrilling experience for me and hundreds present.

The summary of  the great lesson I wish to share with you is; wherever you find yourself always take ACTION!

I believe so much in action because it speaks louder than words. It is the difference between an achiever and an under achiever.

Below is a simple action I took at the conference that  is basically my sole reason of writing this blog post.

Before the event, I had a goal of meeting lots of people at the conference. So, when Randall Kempner, Executive Director of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) finished his keynote address, I made up my mind that I was going to meet him in person. Read my blog post on the SME Toolkit Nigeria blog based on Randall’s words of wisdom. I could not do that immediately because it was my turn to speak >>>>>

great lesson

After our session, it was time for a Tea break but Randall had his hands full so I waited patiently, then Peter Bamkole, Director, Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan African University announced that we should settle down for the start of the 2nd session. I sat down for a while and then went outside to look for Randall, I did not see him. I walked in and out of Terra Kulture a total of 4 times and went on to ask some people I saw outside simply because I was a man on a mission.

Finally, I came out the 4th time, walked round again and met Randall outside getting ready to leave the venue for another event and I said to him;

Hi Randall and he responded, how are you doing Fred?

I asked how did I do back there? He said it was pretty cool and we went on and on……

What are the great lessons from my experience at the SME Toolkit Nigeria Conference?

  1. Always take Action – I took action to get a hot Job with Globacom. In the same vein, I took action to meet Randall, who by the way is now a friend even on Social Media.
  2. Never give up – At some point I asked myself, why are you standing up frequently as if you are the only one in the conference? I chose not to give up and after the 4th trial, I succeeded and now I can boldly share this experience as another great lesson in life.
  3. Don’t be moved by side talks – I believe more people will rather not stand up frequently because they don’t want people to think negative of them but that did not bother me because I had a goal and focused on my goal.
  4. Learn to reach out – Don’t wait for people to find you, reach out to them. Imagine, if you have a great product and all you do is wake up and wake…………., what is going to happen to that business/product?

I hope you learnt a great lesson from this short story? In the days ahead, I will write more about the SME Toolkit Nigeria Conference 2011.

May God bless you richly my friend!

Feel free to share any great lesson you have learnt in life.