Having a dream of becoming an entrepreneur is always exciting, but taking the entrepreneurial journey can be intimidating if not mapped well with required groundwork.  One of the best ways to remain moving on strong in the journey is to learn and apply the wits of those who have had successful business expeditions; entrepreneurs who have really been there.


Sumaya Kazi, one of the young entrepreneurs of today, has provided a body of powerful and concise tips. I call the tips commandments here because of how suitable they are as guiding light for both upcoming entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurs already on course.

“Don’t seat on great ideas”, she firstly advises all  entrepreneurs.

As you go on to learn the commandments as listed below in Sumaya’s words, don’t forget to apply them in your own journey as an entrepreneur.

The Commandments for Entrepreneurs:

  • More often than not, people sit on great ideas. Don’t be one of them. The hardest part is getting started.
  • Focus on what you have and not what you don’t have. Reach out to your network and leverage the resources of your extended communities.
  • Try to maintain enough ambition and energy to achieve your goals, but also enough humility to accept the challenges and rejection that comes with being an entrepreneur.
  • Be passionate about what you do and work with others who can share the same passion. Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting, so it’s incredibly important to surround yourself  with people who can keep you motivated and who you can motivate as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to do something wrong, to ask for help, to be rejected or to fail. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but one of the most important.
  • Build a support network. Whether it’s family, friends, other entrepreneurs or mentors, it’s important to have people you can turn to give you that extra vote of confidence or a shoulder to lean on when you need it most.
  • Persistence is key. A great idea doesn’t get executed (usually) overnight. It takes a lot of  iterations, feedback, and rebuilding to get close to something that may sorta maybe work, not really. The point is to keep at it until it does.
  • Have a PhD mentality. That is, of course, to think as if you’re poor, hungry and driven.

I follow Sumaya online always and so, as tapped from her posts, I put the following two tips to make a complete list of Sumaya’s commandments for the entrepreneur who want to start up well or go ahead strong:

  • Connect, intelligently, to the people you don’t know but you should, people that can potentially change your world.

For your information:

“Sumaya Kazi is an internationally recognized innovator, leader, speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. For her passion and success around her endeavors, Sumaya has been recognized by BusinessWeek as one of America’s “Best Young entrepreneurs,” CNN as a “Young Person Who Rocks,” Silicon Valley Business Journal as a “Woman of Influence,” and most recently by UTNE Reader Magazine as one of “50 Visionaries Changing Your World.

She has been featured in over 150 newspapers, magazines, radio interviews, and television spotlights in top-tier outlets such as Newsweek, BusinessWeek Magazine, CNN, ABC News and Washington Post. Sumaya frequently speaks at professional conferences and educational institutions inspiring audiences on topics such as entrepreneurship, non-profit work, intrapreneurship, young professional issues, social media, diversity and technology”.

Prior to Sumaya’s Entrepreneurial Expeditions…

“Sumaya spent the last five years at Fortune 500 Sun Microsystems, a company that developed the technologies that power the global marketplace. Sumaya was recruited by Sun at age 22 and quickly moved up in her positions in the Executive Communications, Worldwide Operations and New & Social Media teams. As a Senior Social Media Manager in its Global Communications group Sumaya was charged with developing new and innovative programs to capture, expand and socialize new and evolving media, analyst and influencer communities.”

CLICK HERE to learn more from Sumaya’s pure and social entrepreneurial journeys.

Wishing you all Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week.