In the next few hours, you can have your own internet marketing business in place with no kobo down.  Thanks to the move made by Google to launch Google Trader in Nigeria.

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As an enthusiast of Google services and tools, I cannot do without making use of something Google in a day and, therefore, I am so pleased to write about the launch of Google Trader in Nigeria with a view on how you can to jumpstart your own internet marketing business with it.

First, about Google Trader…

Google Trader is a web/mobile phone platform for buying and selling products and services by individuals and business owners. It also serves as a website where employers and job seekers can close deals on their needs.  It is, therefore, an online place where people can freely get connected to achieve their business or job-search aims.

The Google African blog points out that the main purpose of creating the Google Trader “… is to make posting and searching for products, services or jobs a simple, fun and engaging experience.” The platform has already been launched earlier in Uganda, Kenya and Ghana.

The internet marketing Work-from-Home Side of Google Trader

Since Google Trader is a connection point, you can, therefore, get the targeted customers you want for your chosen type of internet marketing business. As already mentioned above you can start your internet marketing business in the next few hours.  This is assuredly pointed out because the only thing required by Google is that you must sign up with Gmail (the Google email service platform).

On your own part, you must have decided what internet marketing service or product you are to launch using Google Trader if you must have your online business in the next few hours. 

How to Launch Your Own Internet Marketing Business Immediately

I recommend that you go to the website and browse the categories there to have a feel of the job leads, products and services Nigerians are offering. Figure out how to post your internet marketing product or service starting from the “Post a Listing” menu on the website.

It is noted that the design, so far and as claimed, is the simplest of all classified ad websites in Nigeria.  As it is very easy to post on, you do not need to be a highly techy person before you work out your online marketing business with Google Trader.

As soon as this website was launched, it was as soon as many of the marketers started being slack about the way they promote their products and services.  Generally, many of the slackers are those that are not educated about internet marketing and, perhaps, they just felt good about joining something becoming raving on the internet.  They appear as having lack of knowledge regarding marketing with classified ads.

If you are new to internet marketing or promotion of products and services on classified ads website, you must be ready to start learning about it now.  If you do not learn necessary internet market practice and you launch your online business with Google Trader just straightaway, the business may not bring you in many months even a small amount of money that can buy you a lunch.

Honestly, it is nice to see that Google has provided a simple and easily-operated channel with which more and more Nigerians can make money online.  Unlike in Uganda and Kenya, using  mobile phones to buy and sell on Google Trader in Nigeria is yet to be enabled.  I trust Google. The mobile aspect will also be launched in Nigeria.

I will provide you with special informational pieces on product and service promotions with a focus on Google Trader and I hope I will be able to share my money-making experience in using Google Trader as one of my internet marketing platforms.

CLICK HERE to go Google Trader.

To your success.