This is a Thank You post dedicated to Dan Foster AKA the Big Dawg (Ah ri ah ri ahhhh!) of 92.3 Inspiration FM.

I want to say a BIG Thank you to Dan Foster for making us his Nigerian listeners happy 🙂 also for the great work he is doing at 92.3 Inspiration FM, and for broadcasting in general. This is one guy I have followed for a long, long time and I am more than happy to have met him in person.

Dan Foster

The Business Improvement Experts team led by Edwin Edebiri first met Dan Foster a couple of days ago in respect of our upcoming Time Management and Productivity training. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to be part of this training and we strategically decided to partner with Dan Foster so as to be to accomplish our set goals. Click here to get more information about this effectiveness building workshop. Don’t MISS it!BIE Team at Inspiration FM

Listen up to Dan Foster’s praise jam show on Sunday morning if you want to win a Free ticket to this event.

Honestly speaking, I count myself lucky to be part of the team that got interviewed by Dan Foster and to show you how valuable this experience is to me, I stood up before members of my Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International chapter to testify about it – to the glory of God.

By strength shall no man prevail – First Samuel 2.9b (KJV)

I remember back in the days, radio programmes used to be boring for me basically because the programmes then were for more or less the older folks and out of nowhere came a couple of FM stations, 1st was Ray power 100.5 FM, followed closely by Rhythm 93.7 FM and then Cool FM 96.9 FM (I am not exactly sure if this is the correct order). Cool FM was one station that I quickly got so attached to because they played my kind of songs and they had some great radio personalities I admired.

These personalities in my opinion brought an American feel to Radio broad casting and I got more attached to cool FM; I clearly remember Dan Foster and Mark Sylvia but the 3rd guy I can’t remember. A few years later, Mark left Nigeria as well as the other guy but Dan Foster stayed back and has been making impact in his own way. Dan Foster has been my no. 1 radio personality and when I heard about him and inspiration FM, I knew that the station would become a hit in the nearest future.

Dan Foster has tactfully carved a niche for 92.3 Inspiration FM as Nigeria’s top and only Family Radio Station.

I asked him, how long have you been in Nigeria now?

I’ll be doing 11 years soon – Dan Foster

This is remarkable. I am impressed with Dan Foster’s attitude, despite the numerous challenges we face as a Nation, he has remained here, bringing joy and happiness to thousands. If you ask me, I believe Dan Foster is here more out of passion and love for what he does as well as the admiration of all the great people he has met including his lovely wife (who is a Nigerian) than for money! This guy loves what he does. Trust me, when I say this; Dan Foster makes me laugh like a baby. I remember the days of cool candid phone – I used to laugh till my head and stomach hurt 🙂

4 Life Lessons from this

  1. Be passionate about what you do – you need to see this guy talking, he smiles and makes funny faces while on air.
  2. Give people a chance – it’s possible Dan was told how terrible Nigeria was before coming but he gave us a chance and today he is more or less a happy Nigerian.
  3. Show love – there is no doubt that he loves what he does and therefore shows this love to his audience, his team at 92.3 Inspiration FM and his partners.
  4. Remain humble – this is not a case of trying to fake what you are not, this guy is humble and this alone is a likely guarantee for greater success.

I hope to conduct an interview with Dan Foster soon so that he can share some business insight and tips with us based on his years of (business) experience in Nigeria. I believe that he has been tried and tested somehow in Naija.

[box]Hey Dan, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of thousands, if not millions of Nigerians longing to wish you well; I am saying may God bless you and yours always, Amen… Even when you decide to move back to the US (we hope not), you can be rest assured that you’ll always be in our memories.[/box]

Keep up the good work Dan Foster!