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I don’t know if you have noticed the difference too.

draft jobI mean the difference between the questions you, as a job-seeking graduate, are really asking about improving your income status and the questions that people suppose you are asking about the status.

Just before we look into the quickest thing you must do to escape that cash crunch even before your dream job, let us deal with the questions which other people feel you are desperately asking.

By now, I am sure you have read a lot about different magic methods for finding the best job in your field. You would have also read the unbeatable answers to the hardest job interview questions or how to create a polished resume that will make you stand out from the pile of applicants.

I know that you need to be guided in your search for a dream job. Truly, the pieces of information you have read are important for getting your dream job.

May I point it out to you here that the writers of those guides which you have been studying provided them only by supposing one thing? They assume that your primary questions on surviving your unemployment situation are about cover letter and resume writing, interview techniques or how to negotiate for a superb salary or how to do great post-interview follow-ups. They forget that the pinches of emergency cash on an unemployed graduate demand an extremely urgent attention than those things.

I have found out that the dire question which you have been asking about your unemployment situation is not on interview matters.

You will agree with me that the burning question you are asking is about how you can make some income before your dream job. You are asking what simple things you must do to get yourself out immediately of your cash crunch and other messes that are attendant with being an unemployed graduate.

Getting the answer to that question is very important, especially now that the economy is not scaling up and this is why this article is written to help provide the answer you’ve been searching for. By this article, you will be shown the income possibilities which you might have been overlooking or you have not thought of.

Now, here is what you should quickly do.

Get a draft job.

Getting a draft job is easy but you’ve got to know the steps to take.

Simply defined, a draft job is a job you temporarily engage in while you still go on with your normal job search. This kind of job is never advertised and it is a job that you can get just in a few days if you adequately involve yourself in finding one.

One striking thing about draft jobs is that the present economy continues to provide the opportunities for them more and more. You will see why this is so with the examples provided at the concluding part of this article.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be able to get your own draft job easily:

1. You are Time-Rich

As a job seeker, you have the advantage of time on your part. You have white periods; the periods of time that chances are you are spending on things not necessarily required at particular instances. You are doing them merely because you have the time. You will be able to replace these periods of time with finding and doing your draft job. Even, the time for finding your dream job will not be affected.

2. You Have What to Start With

The idea of draft job is largely about service provision which can be online or offline. We will consider only the offline type in this article and we will focus this on how applicable it is to Nigeria. With service provision in your mind, you need not any equipment beyond what you have now. Once you are motivated with this idea, you will not need more than YOU (i.e. yourself) and the things you have been using while seeking your dream job.

3. You Have the Option of No-Cost

Having a draft job is interestingly cost effective and the rewards can be more than the penny income one may tend to foresee. The financial returns could be big, but the commitment rendered for the job will determine the reward.

At the advanced level of your draft job, you may not be able to avoid some costs especially in the area of marketing support. This, still, is optional and you can google free ads websites which are focused on Nigeria to select the ads you like for promoting your services with no cost. There are a number of these free-ads local websites now. To promote yourself with a full-fledged and adequately trafficked website or blog will cost you some money but this will help a lot in getting jobs from far and near.

4. The Present Sinking Economy is a Pot of Opportunities!

Yes! Making ends meet with the present economic situation in Nigeria can be scary. However, it is not all that bad for making out better financial paths. This statement befits only those who will care to have an eagle eye of the goings and who will be ready to take extra miles.

Taking extra mile or unusual steps forms the core idea for writing this article. Don’t forget that many people know that going extra mile is good and rewarding, but the reality is that not many people take them.

If you are moved to take the opportunities the economy offers now, your own draft job can make you the money you want now and later.

5. You Can Create a World of Your Own

Who knows if this will be an eye-opener to your own world where Nigerians will be looking up to you for jobs? Stories abound about the Nigerian graduates who toyed with ideas and at the end found it ideal for their own worlds. You would have read such cases before. Who knows whether your draft job will turn out to be your dream job or dream business?

Please read the final part of the article for specific insights into the sample draft jobs you can start today.