……Concluding part of how I got a hot job with Globacom. Read Part 1

Before you proceed, I suggest you first of all read the part 1 titled how I got a dream job with Globacom, that is the Genesis of the story and you are about to read the revelation Smile. I am sure you would have noticed that I used the phrase dream job in part  1 and now hot job, well the simple reason is this; this employment was both a dream and a hot job due to the fact I found myself at 23 years earning about $1,000 monthly, how sweet can live be or so I thought?

Consistent Action is necessary if you wish to get a hot job

In my case, I took massive action – a term I now use frequently thanks to Anthony Robbins.

Although, I was not employed at that time, my confessions were always in the positive. I remember that one day, I was walking along the path of Marina, hot jobLagos Island, I ran into an old friend, we met while in service, and as fate would have it, his elder brother was a senior officer in NAFDAC where I served, after exchanging pleasantries, he asked me where I was working and from of my sub-conscious I said Globacom. Aha! This episode replayed itself, a few weeks later, I ran into an ex-class mate who asked the same question and I gave the same response.

(Because I know) A good name is better than Silver and Gold – Proverbs 22:1

I had to defend my name. I had told my friends that I was working in a place no one knew me, what happens if they found out that I was just a silly, fat liar?

So I set out to work, taking massive action. I completely changed my confessions to those close to me who knew I did not have a hot job – I changed it from “I am going to work with Globacom” to “I work with Globacom” and with this came every reason to push on and see this dream actualized.

…..First Steps

I visited the company’s head office then at Saka Tinubu V/Island and met some security personnel on duty, I  said to them that I wanted to work with Globacom and they laughed uncontrollably, you see they were laughing at my seeming stupidity. The truth is who wouldn’t want to work with Glo?

One of the security personnel asked, how do you expect to get a job by asking us? He turned and pointed to a huge Ghana must-go bag just by the gate, and said go and drop your CV there. I got there and was amazed with what I saw; imagine a bag filled with so many CVs?

I wasn’t deterred, I had made up my mind to see this through and so I made a silent confession to myself saying “I am a unique and different person, therefore the world treats me uniquely and differently, Amen!”

Guess what I did? I stood there, determined not to leave without making progress, at first I had no clue what to do. After a while, I got talking to one of the security personnel and I used a good old strategy; asking open ended questions, which made him open up and in no time, we got acquainted and before I left I asked for his help – he obliged my request and gave me the full details of the the top HR executives as well as that of the Chairman.

I took massive Action towards getting the hot job

On my way home, I was thinking what I was going to do with the details I collected? What can I do to get this hot job?  Well to the glory of God, an idea came and without asking for details or seeking wise counsel I swung into action.

……The idea

Write a personalized (I love to personalize) letter to each of them, not asking them for a job but clearly stating the needs of the company and the role I could play to meet those needs.

I wrote a letter to each of the following executives of company;

  1. Dr Mike Adenuga – “the Bull” Founder and Chairman of Globacom and a host of other companies
  2. Mr Adewale Songowawa – then (and still I believe) the Executive Director, Human Resources
  3. Mr Princewill Dimkpa – then the Human Resources Manager

I sent the letter via courier because I figured that would be the best  and safest way to get my letter and CV to them and luckily it paid off, I got a call about a week later to come for an interview, what an opportunity? At this point, I had so much courage and confidence that I answered all the questions asked by the panel. One of the questions they asked me was who gave you this idea? You need to see the smile on my face -:)

About a week later, I got another call this time to meet with the Chairman, who had a policy back then (I don’t know about now) of  meeting every potential employee. I answered his questions boldly and he asked the final question, when can you resume?

At that point, I smiled and said “immediately.” He thanked me for coming. About a week later, I got a call Congratulating me and that was it, I finally got the hot job!

The purpose of sharing the story of how I got a hot job with Globacom is to encourage you, no matter your situation today, please don’t give up or accept the situation as your destination. You can start a small business part-time i.e. Network Marketing, that will keep you busy while you continue searching for a hot job. One thing you should never do is wake up in the morning and stay idle all day, praying and hoping for employment to fall from heaven.

If I can do it then you can do much better. Feel free to share your personal experience of how you got your hot job, if you are currently employed.

Kindly share this with others and/or leave a comment if you enjoyed reading how I got my hot job with Globacom.