Free TrainingRecently about 20 people attended my free training on internet marketing and most of them thanked me so passionately for helping people become Conditioned for Accomplishments through this medium. Those in attendance saw the passion with which I freely passed on what I have learnt over the years and how I genuinely want them to build successful personal and business brands online.

Free Training
Free Training on Internet Marketing

I have been doing Internet Marketing personally for 2 years now and holding series of free training in this regards, which simply means I can add value to the lives of those willing to learn from me. Because I am not a lecturer, I prefer an interactive class and so during the last training, a participant asked me why I was doing my Free Internet Marketing Training series free of charge and my response marvelled him.

Below are 4 Reasons for my free training on internet marketing;

  1. My goal is to help people become Conditioned for Accomplishments, I coined this mantra from my name and it is the core part of my existence. If you practice what I teach and seek more knowledge in this area they are bound to grow and even become better.
  2. My strategy is first to add Value first and all others follow (more like “seek yea first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added”). People don’t believe this is the way it should be but I am quite certain that the internet is gradually entering a mode where people won’t buy or do business with you if they don’t get some sort of free training or trial of what you have to offer.
  3. In my interaction with individuals and small business owners I realize that a number of them are actually not following up enough or adequately and this is sometimes as a result of being overwhelmed or too busy doing stuff. See the soul of your business is customers, if you are not getting them then you are gradually dying. In my case, I know a few things some others don’t know – technology has made it possible for you outsource a number of functions and that is exactly the value I am adding.
  4. Finally, not everyone can implement what I teach so they either hire my service or hire some other professional in this field which means I have directly or indirectly helped one person become better.

Here what others have to say about the Free Training

This free training has been an eye-opener. I really appreciate the opportunity given by CFA. I will definitely go ahead to create my blog and utilize Internet Marketing skills move to the next level! – Mrs. Fayo Williams

[quote]My website has just been online with no life and I never knew the potentials of making it more interactive. Now I know more – thank you for this free training. – Chris Chukwude[/quote]

[quote]I have always wanted to expand the online aspect of my business but I have been confused on how to go about it. Meeting CFA has made the dream come alive as I plan to implement key strategies to complement my offline activities. – Esther Sampson[/quote]

You are invited to reserve a seat and attend my free training on Internet Marketing.