What does a dream job mean to you?

Is it a job that offers the greatest benefits or one that brings out the best in you?

If you asked me this question exactly 5 years ago, I would have said my dream job is one that will offer me the greatest benefit i.e. a multi-national (oil) company, that will assure me of  goodies (holidays abroad, fast cars etc.) Fast forward >>>>> 5 years later, I would say to you, that my dream job should avail me an opportunity to develop my life and business skills.

In a future post, I would share with you how I got my dream job with Globacom. I got it at a time a lot of people thought there were no jobs, trust me on this – there is a job waiting for you, if you believe (and take appropriate action) that you are cut out to be an employee all your life. Personally, I look out for business and empowerment opportunities more than job opportunities but this is one opportunity that I want you to maximize, if you have a flare for sales and marketing.

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Questions to help you determine what your dream job is

  1. Does the job bring out the best in you (Personal Development)?
  2. Is there a room for advancement or will you be in one position for ages?
  3. If you get fired – is it a job that empowers you to easily start off with or without much assistance?
  4. Do you shout TGIF (thank God it’s Friday) so loudly?
  5. Do you look forward to Mondays?
  6. Is the environment supportive?
  7. Are you allowed to use your discretion thereby growing your ability to take responsibilities and make decisions?
  8. Does it reward performance or “eye service”?

Honestly, there is no perfect work environment but some work environments are more empowering than others and you have to look out for an environment that empowers you to succeed.

Why BIE is a dream job opportunity?

Business Improvement Experts (BIE) is an affiliate of Business Growth Experts LLC, a California based  company, founded by another great Son of the soil Edwin Edebiri. Edwin has contributed positively to the American economy for well over 3 decades and now wants to make an impact at home (Nigeria). I’ll do a review of his latest book; Creating a Brighter Future in the nearest future.

Here is what John Fleming, (Publisher of Direct Selling News) has to say about Edwin;

[quote style=”boxed”]I’ve had the opportunity to see Edwin Edebiri inspire and enlighten those who want to turn their dreams into reality, both in person and online.[/quote]

Requirements for this dream job;

  • Ability to work with little or no supervision essential.
  • Candidates must be able to set, meet and surpass targets.
  • A higher institution degree (Emphasis is placed MORE on your ability to deliver)…….

Get more details about this dream job offer @ www.jobs.cfagbata.com

Please do not try to contact me directly, visit the link above and follow very simple instructions. This is a performance based dream job opportunity and not a ‘man know man’ kind of thing.

If you apply and eventually become a part of the BIE team;

  • You will have access to some great minds that will help you to reach your goals in life and not just “use” and dump you.
  • You will get compensated for your efforts and contributions all the way.

You may be wondering why I am calling this job a dream job without even considering whether you feel the same way about it? Personally, I believe it is a dream job indeed but it’s definitely not for everyone – if you are result oriented, self motivated, focused, determined and ready to think and act like an entrepreneur, then this is an opportunity you have been waiting for.

Apply (or share with someone else) only if you have a flare for Sales and Marketing.

[quote]There is no stopping a person who discovers herself or himself….. CFA[/quote]

So what does a dream job mean to you?