Free Internet Marketing Training series
Free Internet Marketing Training series

I love to teach, coach, train, mastermind and ultimately help people become conditioned people for accomplishments hence my monthly free internet marketing training series.

I used to think that internet marketing strictly meant selling a product or service online, until I met Mike Klinger and Ann Sieg of Renegade University, through them I understood that I could simply focus on selling my own personal brand as a product. This piece of information drastically altered the course of my life; I have established new relationships online, started businesses and lots more, so my monthly free internet marketing training series is a way of giving back freely what cost me a lot.

4 topics I cover in my monthly Free Internet Marketing Training series

1. Blogging (developing an online brand)

I usually start with blogging because I have realized how easily you can use a blog to position yourself as a leader in your chosen field. As much as I know a blog is an essential component of today’s information dissemination process, individuals blog, organisations blog, government agencies blog and so on. You can start a free blog with services such as or or – just bear in mind that you are not building your own online real estate because your blog will be hosted on their servers (they can take you off at will, for any reason whatsoever). So I suggest you go for a self-hosted blog, if you are having difficulties with setting up a blog or other SEO services then hire us to get that done – visit for details.

2. Email and SMS Marketing Automation

SMS and Email marketing are very strategic tools for communicating with your clients, potential clients and audience in general. I use these tools regularly. I usually share a story of how a guy read one of my emails on financial freedom, I didn’t even send it to him directly, his colleague who was on my list forwarded it to him and guess what? He gave me a call, did his due diligence, joined our Natureline Solutions home business and today Preye Inyang is a key leader in our business. That is how to maximize the power of the internet, the email that got this outstanding fellow into our company costs less than $0.05 and his organisation has done well over $15,000.

Now, if you take it a step further and infuse SMS internet marketing into your day to day activities, you will notice a remarkable difference. What makes this a smarter move, is that I have a revolutionary SMS system that automates the whole process for you. As a small business owner, entrepreneur or individual you can begin to build a database and put a human touch in all your daily follow-up activities, with this tool you will get to connect more deeply with every potential client you meet.

In my Free Internet Marketing Training series I actually do a life demo of how my SMS platform works and how easy it is to use it.

3. Social Media (Management)

Social Media is today’s fastest growing trend – everyone is getting into the social media game directly or indirectly, Google wants to be in Social Media by all means with the recent launching of Google Plus. The market leader today is Facebook with a user base of almost a billion (3rd largest country in terms of size), Twitter is not resting while LinkedIn has carved a niche as the “social network for the professionals.”

Man usually gets into the habit of destroying self, so it is possible that the social media boom might actually be destroyed by the various social media players, only time can tell. In my opinion, Social Media can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how it is being used, if you spend all your day “gisting” then it may end-up being a precious waste of your precious time. So I show attendees of Free Internet Marketing Training series, how I personally use Social media and some of the other tools that help me get the most of social media.

4. Search Engine Optmization

This is one subject that leave attendees of my Free Internet Marketing Training series confused, most of them just stare at me in amazement thinking I am some sort of guru, the reality is that I am not a guru. Personally, I don’t like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but because it is so important I just have to learn it. If you dont do SEO, you are definitely going to fail online except you are a super-star, with a huge fanbase. If you are like me, then you’ve got to

Free Internet Marketing Training series

figure out a way to get found online. In doing SEO, I equally do a lot of automation some of the tools I use are;

  • Onlywire
  • Seopressor and a few others
    In addition to these software, I outsource a lot of my SEO activities. I usually say this;

[quote style=”boxed”]much of your online success comes with your ability to outsource certain tasks while focusing on your core – Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr.[/quote]

Finally, I end my sessions by showing folks exactly how they can create a blog, making it a hub that connects all their social media profiles. They see this live in action using my blog as an example. The number of visitors hitting my blog and some of my other websites keep increasing because I apply some of the strategies stated above.

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Freely have I received (not exactly), freely do I give at my monthly Free Internet Marketing Training series.