One question I ask people a lot is Do you really understand the meaning of Business?

Based on the responses I get I can conclude that everyone have got their ideas of what they think a business is. Let me summarize what great business teachers particularly Robert Kiyosaki and Michael Gerber of the e-myth fame say; a business is not a business if it does not have systems.

See there is no way you can run a business without systems. If your business needs your daily presence to survive then quite honestly you are not running a business yet, so the challenge before you is to start putting in place systems that will ensure you business grows bigger and better. If you don’t yet have a business of your own, I’ll be discussing how you can start a business that have got solid systems setup for you to succeed. Meet me at Charvid Eatries, Rd. 13, House 3, 1st Avenue Gwarimpa FCT, Abuja. 08037502472, 08024958013 on the 26th of Feb. 2011 by 12pm and 4pm. Click here to see details of Ibadan, Lagos and P/H events.

really understand the meaning of Business?” width=”236″ height=”180″ /> Do you really understand the meaning of Business?

My goal is to help you move to the B and I side, if you are still in the E and S side. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to leave your job or source of livelihood to be in business – systems make all the difference.

Let me know how I may be of help.

Do you really understand the meaning of Business?