It was another lovely Wednesday morning, I had just settled down to respond to the daily enquiries I receive, asking about my Natureline home based business or the Network Marketing in Nigeria. Almost immediately my phone rings, I answer and the following conversation took place;

Caller: Good Afternoon

CFA: Hello, how are you today?

Caller: Fine, is that Fred?

CFA: Yes! How may I help you?

Caller: I have followed you for a while, we are  friends on Facebook and I am a regular visitor to your blog, I want to find out why you believe so much in Network marketing, which I think is not sustainable.

CFA: Why do you say it is not sustainable?

Caller: Because it is a pyramid based system that reels out false promises.

CFA: What else?

Caller: Nothing I can think of now

CFA: Do you about any Network Marketing in Nigeria?

Caller: Yes

CFA: What is the name of the Network marketing company you know?

Caller: GNLD

CFA: Have you ever tried any of their products?

Caller: Yes

CFA: Did you like the products?

Caller: Yes

CFA: So what made you try it?

Caller: A friend brought it to my office and insisted I must buy due to my high stress level

CFA: Stress…. where do you work?

Caller: I am a Banker

CFA: Do you know that Banks in Nigeria (directly and indirectly) train young ladies on how to be masters in the game of seduction?

Caller: ………….quiet

CFA: Does this entirely make the concept of Banking bad? No it doesn’t. You see, everything good in life has a tendency to be abused, so does network marketing. People have actually been responsible for most of the wrongs and not the concept itself. Network Marketing is a viable business opportunity that anybody can start up and build to great heights.

CFA: Are you with me?

Caller: Yes

CFA: Kindly answer the following questions from the bottom of your heart;

1. How many factories have opened up lately?

2. If developed economies can’t employ all their citizens, how can a spendthrift  country like ours achieve that?

3. What happens to the over 45 million unemployed folks in Nigeria?

4. What industry employs the most Nigerians outside “Go-slow” business sellers, business centres, okada riders, danfos & their conductors?

5. Where then lies the hope for a lot people?

Please do your research, answer these questions and then come up with alternative opportunities to Network Marketing, that has a good chance of tackling the hydra headed issues. Even one of Nigeria’s brightest economists – Prof. Pat Utomi believes in the concept so dearly that he is presently a Chairman of a company into Network marketing in Nigeria.

CFA: Kindly send me your email so I can send you more information right away. Endeavour to read Robert Kiyosaki’s new book “the Business of the 21st Century”.

Caller: Ok

CFA: By the way, when was the last time someone gave you their CV, with a plea to get them a Job.

Caller: Over the weekend

CFA: What did you do with it?

Caller: I dropped it somewhere, honestly I have a pile of CV and I really don’t know what to do with them.

CFA: Do you believe that there is dignity in labour?

Caller: Yes

CFA: Wouldn’t it be more beneficial, if you expose those who give you CVs to a genuine Network marketing in Nigeria i.e. Natureline rather than allow them stay idle?

Caller: It would most likely be better for them

CFA: I used to be confused back in the days when people hand over their CVs to me, but these days I simply take the CV from them and also invite them for a Free B.I.T.S training – I always get a “Thank You” days or weeks later

CFA: I will send you send you some materials and an abridged copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, if you read it with an open heart then you will learn so much.

Caller: Thank you for attending to me. I must confess you did a good job even though I am not 100% convinced.

CFA: It is a pleasure. My job is to keep sowing the seed and then wait for harvest time.

Caller: Have a good day.

CFA: Cheers

——- END ———

Pretty long call, I would not have had this conversation transcribed word for word if not for technology, my phone recorder came in handy. My goal in life is pretty simply which is to Learn, Grow & Teach and I can only achieve this if I keep taking action on a daily basis.

I believe in the Network Marketing in Nigeria and it is my passion to empower millions directly and indirectly through it.

If not Network Marketing, what ways are you going to use to empower people so that they can truly be blessed by you?