How are you coping with stress in your life?

I have been stressed lately and I thought it wise sharing some tips that have helped me through this period. Sometimes, I wonder if it is possible to completely avoid stress? What will life be without stress? I think limited stress is not entirely bad, it becomes negative when you allow it disturb your thought processes or determine your attitude.

Coping with Stress Strategies

In fact, I have used them time and again and just recently they worked very well. This might help you as well, just read on.

  • Do what you love.Question is do you love what you currently do? Are you stuck in a dead end job? This might be a great source of stress
    Coping with Stress
    Coping with Stress

    that usually turns negative. Beware of your own warning signs. This could just be a sudden feeling of anxiety.

  • Find out what makes you stressed, when you do, avoid them entirely. This is something you may not be able to avoid completely but you can reduce it drastically i.e. if you hate heavy traffic, avoid it entirely but sometimes you can’t avoid it especially when you have an appointment to catch up.
  • When I am stresses I avoid falling into the trap of not eating properly or drinking alcohol excessively, because I am aware that sometimes we do these things in excess because of stress, so what I rather do is;
  • Drink plenty of water. I mean plenty of water, it will help rehydrate your body and make you more relaxed.
  • If you must eat when stressed then eat complex carbohydrates rather than refined ones. This will really help you cope with mood swings.
  • Also, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep sugar and salt intake low.
  • Strive to keep caffeine consumption to the minimum.
  • Avoid nicotine or any other self prescribed drug because there is a tendency of abuse especially in a stressed states.
  • Do something that is creative and helps you relax, i.e. dance, go see a movie, listen to some music, meditate, or do exercises.
  • Master proper time management – this is a major cause of stress and it usually gets you worked if you are not careful.
  • A few years ago, I attended a stress management training and that is where I learnt most of what I have shared here. So I encourage you to find one and attend or carry out a research on the internet. But the effect of a live event is usually tremendous, so make all efforts to attend one.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Most times we assume that the worse will happen, but the worse is usually going to be a NO and that will never make the heavens fall, so go on and ask for help – this is one simple step that will keep you sane irrespective of the stress you are faced with.

The simple strategies outlined above works and will truly help you cope with stress. But, remember this, you cannot completely eliminate stress, so work hard to manage it and you will lead a much happier life.

Negative Stress Kills!

Do you have any other strategies that has helped you in Coping with Stress? Please share.