Have you stopped to wonder why the number green businesses have increased?

Businesses are going green in order to be regarded as responsible entities, keeping up with their Corporate Social Investments (or Corporate Social Responsibility). Any expenditure that results in the improved sustainable management of ecosystems that support socio-economic progress can be viewed as an investment in natural capital. Investments in natural capital can take many forms but most importantly, business are going green

Green businesses are defined as enterprises which consider environmental protection as an essential component of their long-term business objectives, both by promoting eco-efficient production activities and by marketing sustainable products and services. Almost all businesses have the potential for improvements both in efficiency and resource use spurring greater environmental sustainability while reducing costs and maximising profits. Across the region corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are becoming the agents of change for sustainability and have managed to turn protection of the environment into a business opportunity.

Green Businesses
Green Businesses


The time to move toward sustainability is now. Concerns about the economy coupled with unpredictable energy prices are increasing pressure to bring operating costs down. Meanwhile, unprecedented public awareness of environmental issues means there’s a “social dividend” to be gained by companies that go green, including being able to attract great talent.


Apple Incorporate is among the Green Businesses

Green Businesses

Here what AppToday is the first time we have openly discussed our plans to become a greener Apple. It will not be the last. We will be providing updates of our efforts and accomplishments at least annually, most likely around this time of the year. And we plan to bring other environmental issues to the table as well, such as the energy efficiency of the products in our industry. We are also beginning to explore the overall carbon “footprint” of our products, and may have some interesting data and issues to share later this year.


I hope you are as delighted as I was when I first learned how far ahead Apple actually is in removing toxic chemicals from its products and recycling its older products.



We apologize for leaving you in the dark for this long. Apple is already a leader in innovation and engineering, and we are applying these same talents to become an environmental leader. Based on our tangible actions and results over time, hopefully our customers, employees, shareholders and professional colleagues will all feel proud of our ongoing efforts to become a greener Apple.

Steve Jobs



Don’t your think is time you take your business green? or better still get involved in a Green Business.

Why do you think there is an increased number of green businesses?