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Career Training

Career Training for Self Enhancement

Choosing a career is a life time decision to be taken by an individual. The career eventually chosen might be one that had been handed down from the generation of that individual or one chosen by him based on self interest. Either way, however, it is pertinent to say that for the individual to succeed in his career, he should not just stop at choosing the career, but has to embark on career training since pursuing a career means advancement of your working or professional life. This career training begins with the parents directing a child’s interest towards a particular career from the beginning of his or her education.

Selection and advancement through career training

Many individuals do not have much of a problem selecting the career to pursue as this was handed down to them from their parents to enable them carry on the family business. To make a success of such career, however, such people don’t rely on carrying on the career as handed over to them, but through career training have decided to advance the career beyond their wildest dream.

For those who choose their career by themselves, however, it is worthwhile to state that choosing a career should start at the secondary school level where interest in subjects like mathematics, the art and the sciences and social science, determines which field of career will suit the individual.

In chosen a career in the field of commerce, law engineering, finance etc. the interest will be developed at this level.

Apart from the parents and the school subjects, another important source where an individual can obtain advice on career choice is from guidance and counseling personnel in his school. These are experts in the field of making a judgment on what career will be suitable for a particular person based on what his interests are, his qualities, abilities and attitude to work. They can also assist in career training for improvement on the areas where the individual is lacking in terms of quality, skills, attitude to work etc.

Advancement in career through career training

Like the saying goes, that you can help someone get a job but you cannot do the job for him, so is it with career choice. It is not too difficult in choosing a career, but staying in that career and making a success out of it needs to be carefully planned.

It is, therefore, advisable for an individual to embark on career training, once he starts work in that career line which will give him thorough knowledge of skills for enhancing the job, work ethics and integrity for attainment of greater heights in the organization. A mediocre show of sloppiness at the initial stages or your career will mean delayed advancement in your career. Career training will give you an insight into what you can and cannot do and teach you leadership skills, and once you are good at decision making, the sky is the limit for you in your chosen career.

The importance of Career Training