Job Interview Skills

In today’s business world, it is a glaring fact that employers of labour are always on the lookout for prospective employees that display exceptional skills which can eventually be of great advantage to their respective organisations. It is therefore essential for prospective prospective employees preparing for job interviews to be aware of some of the skills the employers will be looking for, for them to achieve success during job interviews.

May companies are looking for prospective employees who are outstanding in expertise, ability to give new ideas and cheerful personalities that would prop up the image of their companies. Some of the skills employers are looking for and which will assist the employee achieve success during job interviews are as follows;

1. Skills acquired based on knowledge

These are skills that are gained through a variety of experiences such as educational qualification, specialised professional training, seminars and workshops and other fields of knowledge improvement. These skills can also be acquired based on the type of industry such as computer skills for an IT company, communication skills for a PR company and marketing skills for a FMCG organisation etc.

2. Skills that can be transferred through enhancement

These are skills possessed by a prospective employees that can be used in enhancing or improving a particular job or task. This is an important attribute which job interviewers are on the lookout for and the prospective employees must be prepared to give a formidable answer when asked about what he can offer them, so as to enable him success during job interviews. These skills include special attributes such as Leadership ability, being organised, writing and communication skills, good customer relations, time and project management, actuarial and budget abilities etc.

3. Personal Attributes

When an interviewer asks you to talk about yourself, all the person wants to know are your personal attributes, and from your response, he would know whether or not you are suited for the job. These personal attributes include such things as making calculated judgements, being well organised, having an analytical mind, being target oriented, being flexible and adaptable to change or having a creative mind. To achieve success during job interviews it is however, advisable not to be cocky when selling yourself, try to be prudent in answering the interviews questions about yourself.

As a general point, before going in for an interview, try to organise yourself by going through your resume, for each job experience and also those related to knowledge, transferable skills and personal attributes, and studying these well to form a platform for selling yourself to the interviewers.

During job interviews, employers are interested in your achievements. Do not be verbose in your responses to their questions. Try as much as possible to respond in a concise, direct and clear manner. Also try to let them know the additional skills you possess apart from those skills specific to the job being sought. These include such job interview skills as leadership skills, communication skills etc.

Highlighting all your strengths and skills during a job interview goes a long way in determining your success during job interviews.