You have already seen the effect of man’s negligence and ignorance to the environment. The global warming is a great threat not just to the future generation but for the entire human race. Are you still going to disregard all the signs and pretend that everything is well, just because you are not directly affected?

If no is your answer, then good for you and Mother Nature because we can show you the easy way to help protect our environment and get you to stop from wasting your hard earned money every day.

The 10 going green tips is the perfect way to get you started in living a more fruitful and productive life.

Keep in mind that all these tips are mere suggestions, you have the choice to use them or not. Hopefully, you will understand its purpose and benefits because it can really help save the future.

  1. Walk or bike a greener life – Walking and biking is not just good for your health and wallet, but also to the environment. There is less pollution so that means a cleaner air, something that we desperately needed now.
  2. Carpool – This is the best thing to do if you cannot avoid using your car to go to work or school. Plus, your friends can chip in for the gas and that can reduce your gas expense and don’t forget it is also more fun, than driving alone in traffic.
  3. Maintained the Car – A car that has been conditioned is less likely to use more fuel, but if your car is poorly maintained then you will spend more on gas.
  4. Turn off and unplugged all electrical equipment – A TV or radio that is not used but on a standby mode can still provide you with 10% of electricity consumption. So it is better to unplugged all when not in use, and especially when retiring at night.
  5. Paperless bills – The internet is a great tool to save and protect the environment. Enrolling your monthly bills will create a paperless bill, and therefore save lots of trees.
  6. Recycle – Making recycling part of your life is a great way keep the earth buried in plastics and other hazardous materials.
  7. Support going green products – This is probably one of the best going green tips that have also the largest impacts on our environment. Cleaning products, pesticides made from chemicals are not just dangerous to the health of the user, but to the environment as well.
  8. Check your water connection regularly – Busted pipes are a waste of good water and money.
  9. Turn off the light at night – Before going to bed it is better to turn off all the lights to conserve energy and money also.
  10. Make going green tips part of your life – If you have the capacity it is better to practice and make it part of your daily life, one person is all it takes to make a difference.

 Would you be kind enough to share any other 10 going green tips?