Have you considered going green? Going green is essentially to save our planet from the obvious doom ahead (if nothing is done). Going green is a term that has picked up a lot of steam, and is sure to continue growing in the years to come, because awareness will keep growing.

Even big businesses have gone green or are going green, name it from Microsoft, to Apple, to small and big cosmetic businesses, you may start observing the trend also – read more about your environment and the earth in general. Unfortunately, some people just do not know how important it is to go green, that being said, learning how to go green in the comfort of your own home or your workplace is not as hard as you may think.

Here are several of the best ways to go green at home:

1. Save electricity: There are many ways you can do this including switching to compact fluorescent, buying energy saving appliances, and turning off lights and electronics when not in use (power strips make this simple).

2. Only run the tap, dishwasher, washer, and dryer when you have a full load. By doing this, you save both water and electricity. Of course, energy efficient appliances also help.

3. Use a low flow shower head. Contrary to popular belief, a low flow head can still offer strong water pressure. Why waste water if you do not have to?

4.  If and when possible use a comfortable public transport i.e. BRT system in Lagos

5. Go for environmental and nature friendly products.

6. Properly dispose of all hazardous wastes, regardless of the process that it takes. This includes oil, paint, cleaners, batteries, pesticides, and cleaners. Do not simple dump these items around your home or nearby sewer. Instead, read the label to determine how to properly dispose of them.

Some people never think about simple going green tips because they do not believe they can do enough to help the earth.

Even the smallest actions can go a long way in improving the environment for you and those around you. When you decide to go green at home you are playing a special role aimed at saving the world, soon enough you will love this way of living and may decide to expand in anyway possible.

Individuals, Businesses and the world in general must understand the importance of going green and gradually reduce the negative impact of ozone depletion, climate change, rising sea levels, melting icebergs and so on the earth. It seems overwhelming but we can get this done, staring from our homes!

I urge you to make all the money you can but also impact the environment around you positively.