11 Action Plans for Earth Day 2010

11 Action Plans for Earth Day 2010

Today is Earth Day! The world faces greater environmental challenges than ever, forty years after the first Earth Day. Whereas climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, it additionally presents the greatest opportunity – an unprecedented alternative to build a healthy, prosperous, clean power economy now and for future generations.

What has come to stay is the fact the environment needs to be taken care of, the official site of the earth day (http://www.earthday.org) is one of the most visited sites in the world and the reason is simply because they are on a mission to salvage planet earth from the cruel jaws of climate change and people are listening. The Earth day network expects every member of our  global community to take action, actions it has clearly spelt. The action plans 2010 if adhered to, by one quarter of the Earth’s population will surely go a long way. I am happy to be associated with this mission to provide a cleaner, safer, healthier environment, because I have made up my mind to be part of the solution.

Earth Day
Earth Day


Here are 11 action plans for Earth Day 2010 culled from www.earthday.org (visit the site for more….)

  2. I will conserve water
  3. I will use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  4. I will help and motivate people to love mother earth like she loves and provides
  5. I will always remember to turn the lights off whenever leaving a room
  6. I will be an advocate for the earth
  7. I will walk, ride my bike, and take public transportation instead of driving
  8. Just by saying that you care about earth doesn’t make any difference it is the time to ACT . Plant more trees to make our planet greener and beautiful.
  9. As a Christian or any other religion you believe in, God has entrusted us earth to take good care of it. Now its time to take our responsibility!
  10. I will use all natural products with no chemicals
  11. I will let everybody know about climate change, and how they can help about it.

The vision of Natureline Solutions, a Canadian based international company, I am involved with is to ensure a safer, cleaner environment. This is the major reason why millions of dollars have been invested to develop green products that can assist in solving the Earth’s environmental challenges. It is a known fact that people who move with the trend always turn out wealthier and more fulfilled; people who will follow the trend and provide solutions for the Earth’s challenges will end up much more satisfied emotionally and financially. I am using this opportunity to invite you to empower yourself while caring for Mother Nature.

In President Obama’s words; “In the end, it’s people like you the small business owners and community leaders; the teachers and the students; the young people and the grandparents who have made Earth Day so successful. And it’s going to be up to you to make an even bigger difference over the next 40 years. So let’s get to work. Together, we can continue to make progress towards a cleaner environment and a healthier planet.”

Let us work together to make planet Earth greener, safer and cleaner. How do you think we can achieve this?

I wish everyone a Happy Earth Day 2010

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